• Rutile titanium dioxide white powder DTR-506 for plastic

    Rutile titanium dioxide white powder DTR-506 for plastic

    This product is Rutile titanium dioxide specially designed for plastic applications. It has high weather resistance and whiteness, excellent coloring brightness and other properties. Its special surface treatment ensures that the product has good dispersion and anti-wetting properties, so that it has excellent processing fluidity and compatibility during plastic processing and application.

  • Titanium dioxide powder rutile DTR-208 in PC using

    Titanium dioxide powder rutile DTR-208 in PC using


    The product is produced by Chloride process with special treatment small particle size Rutile grade TIO2,It is white powder.It have superior performance and control molecular weight’degradation and color fading,keep product toughness and strength not change still increase;It can effectively overcome the decrease of viscosity and brightness and increase of yellowish caused by degradation of general pigments in PC and other polymers during the processing.Good liquidity,easy dispersion and mixture,high covering power,It make PC products blight gloss and near natural white color, Ensure PC and otherEngineering plastic’s photology and mechanics performance.

  • Antimony free semi dull L-type

    Antimony free semi dull L-type


    It is made of green and efficient hybrid titanium DH hyti Catalysis (lcej). Lcej does not contain heavy metals.
    Except that antimony is not detected and the end carboxyl group is low, other quality indexes are equivalent to those of general antimony containing bright PET chips. It can increase viscosity.
    Low end carboxyl PET chip / fiber / film and other materials have stronger hydrolysis resistance and alkali resistance.
    No heavy metal antimony is detected in the product / product, no antimony migration, safe and healthy.
    It can solve the problem of excessive antimony content in textile printing and dyeing wastewater of general antimony containing pet products, and meet the requirements of cleaner production.