Titanium Dioxide Applications

1.For Polyester Chips
Titanium dioxide of chemical fiber grade is white powder, insoluble in water, non-physiological toxicity, stable chemical properties, with light coloration, covering power and other excellent properties. Because the refractive index is close to the refractive index in polyester, when added to polyester, the difference of refractive index between the two can be used to extinct light, reduce the light reflectivity of chemical fiber and eliminate the unsuitable gloss. It is the most ideal polyester matting material. It is widely used in chemical fiber, textile and other fields.

2.For Polyester Fibers
Because polyester fiber has a smooth surface and a certain degree of transparency, the aurora will be produced under sunshine. The aurora will create strong lights which are not friendly to the eyes. If fiber is added by little material with a different index of refraction, the lights of fiber will diffuse to different directions. Then fibers become darker. The method of adding material is called delustering and the material is called delustrant.
Generally, polyester manufacturers tend to add delustering agent into their products. The commonly-used delusttrant is called titanium dioxide (TiO2). Because its refractive index is double of terylene. The delustering working principle mainly lies in the high refractive index. The bigger difference between TiO2 and terylene is, the better effect of refractive is. At the same time, TiO2 enjoys the advantage of high chemical stability, insoluble in water, and unchangeable at high temperature. What’s more, these characteristics will not disappear in post-treatment.
There is no titanium dioxide in super bright chips, about 0.10% in bright ones, (0.32±0.03)% in semi-dull ones, and 2.4%~2.5% in full-dull ones. At Decon, we can produce the four types of polyester chips according to customers’ requirements.

3.For Viscose Fiber
In the chemical fiber industry and the textile industry, the application of whitening and extinction. At the same time, it can also increase the toughness and softness of the fibers. It is necessary to increase the resistivity of titanium dioxide and prevent the secondary agglomeration of titanium dioxide in the process of adding and using. Preventing the secondary agglomeration of titanium dioxide can make the particle size of titanium dioxide reach a better average value by centrifuge and improve the grinding time during production or use, so that the coarse particles of titanium dioxide can be reduced.

4.For Color Masterbatch
Chemical fiber grade titanium dioxide is used as a matting agent for color masterbatches. It is mixed with PP, PVC and other plastic color masterbatches, then fused, mixed and extruded by a double-screw extruder. The matting agent White Masterbatch is the raw material directly used in fiber production, and the amount of chemical fiber grade titanium dioxide is between 30-60%. It is required that the particle size distribution is uniform, the hue meets the requirements, and the two thermal condensation is low.

5.For Spinning (polyester, spandex, acrylic, nylon, etc.)
Chemical fiber grade titanium dioxide used in spinning, mainly play a matting, toughening role, some enterprises use non-abrasive process, the other use of abrasive process. The difference lies in whether the titanium dioxide and its spinning materials are sanded together before mixing spinning. Non-abrasive process requires chemical fiber grade titanium dioxide with good dispersion, low secondary thermal condensation and uniform particle size distribution.

Post time: May-27-2022