Application and technology of PET film

PET film is mainly used for packaging materials.

PET film is mainly used for packaging materials.
Domestic enterprises mainly produce such products. The market competition is relatively fierce, the demand for products is not growing fast, and the gross profit margin of products is relatively low.

The other is used as insulation products, which have high requirements for quality, so the competition is relatively not very fierce. For example, Dongfang and changjue both produce insulation materials.

At present, the pet output of Sichuan Dongfang is 80million square meters, and now some of them are used in the backplane industry, often with a capacity of 40million square meters, and some of them are also used in the backplane industry. (1g components use about 7-7.5 million square meters of backplane).

PET film is produced by biaxial stretching process.

At present, the output of one production line is 20000-30000 tons, and about 50-80 million square meters of backboard are produced. The equipment investment is about 150 million.

The process control of production is relatively complex. It is said that the quality of the PET production line of lucky has stabilized after two years of running in; Yizheng Chemical fiber and Dongli cooperation production line is also running in for several years.

After the products of DuPont emperor Buddha sculptures were stabilized, the production technicians were also full of tears. PET film also needs some technical accumulation.

At present, PET film for backplane is relatively easy to sell, but it has not reached the level of tension.

As long as the price is a little higher, it is easy to squeeze out the share from other industries, but if there is a doubling increase in the photovoltaic industry, there may be some changes.

PVDF membrane: (the production of PVDF membrane is not an ordinary processing industry. It requires a long-term accumulation of professional technicians and a long time of process and equipment stability. To a certain extent, the technical risk of the product is greater than the market risk.)

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