Low end carboxyl heavy metal-free semi dull LC type

short description:

It is made of green and efficient mixed titanium DH hyti Catalysis (Lcej). lcej does not contain heavy metals.
The quality index is comparable to general bright PET flakes containing antimony, except that antimony is not detected and the terminal carboxyl group is low. It can increase viscosity.
Low end carboxyl PET flakes/fibers/films and other materials have strong resistance to hydrolysis and alkali.
No heavy metal antimony was detected in the products/products, no antimony migration, safe and healthy.
It can solve the problem of excessive antimony content in textile printing and dyeing wastewater of general antimony-containing pet products and meet the requirements of clean production.

Product Detail

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It can be directly spun / film made, or processed after tackifying; It can be used for back plate membrane, geotextile, super fiber cloth, etc.

Typital Properties

DH hyti low end carboxyl antimony free semi dull LC polyester chip product quality

Serial number Items  Unit Quality index (L-17)Test results  

Test method / Standard

1 Intrinsic viscosity dL/g 0.675± 0.025 0.672 GB/T 14190-2017
2 Melting point 260±3 260
3  Terminal carboxyl content mol/t 7±3 9.1
4 Chromaticity  

B value

  4±2 4.78
L value   ≥80 81
5 Moisture (mass fraction) % ≤0.5 0
6 ≥ 10 µ m Agglutinated particles /mg ≤6.0 0
7 Diethylene glycol content (mass fraction) % 1.20±0.30 1.02
8 Iron content mg/kg ≤2 1
9 Powder mg/kg ≤100 1
10 Abnormal slice (mass fraction) % ≤0.6 0
11 Antimony content ppm ≤10 ND According to US EPAmethod3052:1996,ICP-OES was used

The central value of carboxyl end group content shall be determined within the range of ≤ 28mol / T through negotiation between the supplier and the buyer. Once determined, it shall not be changed arbitrarily.

The central value of the chromaticity b value shall be determined by both parties through consultation within the range of ≤ 10. Once determined, it shall not be changed at will.

The central value of diethylene glycol content shall be determined by both parties through consultation within the range of ≤1.5%. Once determined, shall not be changed at will.

Antimony content index: The detection limit of this method is 10ppm, and Nd is not detected.

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